Techniques & Modalities

  • Orthopedic Massage
    • Certified 2010
      The goal of Orthopedic Massage is to balance muscle action around a joint, restoring muscles to full resting length, allowing for maximum pain-free movement. It is ideal to enhance sports performance, and to relieve pain from repetitive stress, overuse, or sports injuries. Frozen shoulders respond well to this treatment and have been completely resolved, and maintained with proper client self-care following treatment.
  • Craniosacral Therapy
    • Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle manual discipline that addresses issues deeper than muscle soreness by encouraging subtle changes in joint and spinal alignment, allowing greater freedom of movement and relief of chronic strain.
  • Lymphatic Massage
    • Using very gentle strokes, Lymphatic Massage helps the body's lymphatic system function more effectively, removing waste and toxins. This therapy is efective in preparing for surgery, as well as in recovery from anesthesia and body trauma. Shorter treatments can help reduce swelling from injuries, allowing for better healing and shorter recoveries, as well as reduced appearance of scars.

      A Lymphatic facial routine helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and brightens overall appearance as well as reducing redness around acne.

      Treatment is particularly helpful for those with damaged lymph systems from surgery, removed or damaged lymph nodes, or cancer treatments. It can help prevent Lymphaedema which is debilitating even with care. Early intervention is crucial to successful management. Ask about early care.
  • Swedish Massage
    • Known also as relaxation massage, Swedish Massage affects almost every system in the body, and is used to:
      • Relieve stress & restore calm
      • Encourage repair of muscle injury
      • Interrupt repetitive stress patterns
      • Calm the nervous system
      • Lower blood pressure
      • Improve overall health
      • Support the immune system